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As many arts that we all know, painting grows not only because a person was born as a genius, but also grows when a person is persevere, when things go wrong, when “he or she will achieve nothing” or when the disdain appears in people when they do not know more than their ignorance.

Just this ignorance helps people to be born, to grow and develop themselves as a relevant artists who will start a new period of time in the word of the Arts. This time will come when these artist will able to paint an empty and unknown canvas, when they are able to reflect their ideas, their feelings with the vibrations that come from themselves. And this artists will do it without fear, knowing that although the trip will be long, they will do it with conviction and courage. They will not care about what people will say about them. They will grow with their own, personal, brave and unite style. There won't be lies, because when this artist paint with the heart it's almost impossible to cheat.

Miguel Soro has ridden with his bike thousands of Kilometres. During those magic days, the road and cycling were his life. Maybe, because of this, his heart is a little bit bigger, and just maybe, because of this heart, he has climbed up to achieve a distinguished roll in the Word of Art.

Three words highlight Miguel Soro life: "determination, hard-working and effort". To be persevere to achieve his goals. A goals that he could touch when he was a great Amateur and professional cyclist. When he pull out cycling he continued thinking about those three words. He knew that those three words were going to implement in the Word of Arts and Painting.

He began to listen to the others and little by little, like the one who sees the finish line closer, he started a breakaway to the glory.

The easy painting was abandoned. His pallete was strong, his colours were well defined. Progressively his painting style turn into a very personal painting with share with the observer. He was able to paint his own objects, figures and moments. He felt secure, full of energy.

He started painting great pictures, without fear: Gloomy rain, the reflection of the water, memories trees insides previous days and the hope of the future. To sum up, he talks through the art, the painting, showing all us his art stamp. In each of his pictures, expressionism shows his real feelings.

Miguel Soro is a painter. He has grown by himself, listening to other by determined to leave his footprint wherever he walks. Painting is his flag and the way he talks.

His painting don't let anybody to be indifferent, mainly because is pure. Because it's full of words and details to be discover and enjoy for all us.

Vicent Soriano 

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